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Wooden Triple Bunk Bed Ted

Wooden Triple Bunk Bed Ted

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The Ted bunk bed is a triple-sleeper with two universal ladders and three floors with safety guard rails bordering each of them. It is finished in a refreshing white matt colour scheme that is effortless to blend in any interior style, regardless of the wall colour. Its mattresses can be purchased separately; two different types are available foam or coil spring.


  • Dimensions: W198cm x H200cm x D98cm
  • The distance of the top bunk mattress from the floor - 162cm
  • The distance of the middle bunk mattress from the floor - 89cm
  • The distance (bed clearance height) between the beds is - 70.5cm
  • Top bed safety guard height - 38cm
  • Middle bed safety guard height - 25cm
  • Ladders:
  • Width - 40.5cm
  • Distance between the ladder steps - 23.5cm
  • The Ladders are universal - they can be assembled on either side
  • These beds can be taken apart and used as three separate beds
  • Made of solid pine wood
  • The slatted bed base is included - made of pinewood
  • White Colour
  • The weight limit for each bed - 90kg
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Estimated Direct Home Delivery Time: 8 Weeks


Our beds can be purchased:

  • Without Mattresses
  • With Foam Mattresses - increased hardness (resistant of deformation) with cotton zipper cover. You will receive:
    • 3 foam mattresses - 190cm x 90cm x 8cm
  • With Foam/Bonnell Mattresses - made of open coil springs and foam with zipper cover. You will receive:
    • 3 Bonnell mattresses - 190cm x 90cm x 13cm 


  • White
  • Choose a colour that lets the grain detail shine through to provide you with a fuller coverage (but not 100%).
  • Painted with three-layered spray water-based paint rather than with a solvent-based paint to make sure your child is safe from any health harm.

    Our bunk beds are made to order, based on the colours and ladder placement (if applicable) provided by the customer.

    Product Code: BUNK-TED-WHITE-R-NM









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