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Lyra Entertainment Unit in 4 Colours

Lyra Entertainment Unit in 4 Colours

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The Lyra is a truly stunning and an all-in-one storage solution for the living room. Its modern and sleek design with four different colour schemes, as well as enticing LED lights incorporated into the display units, makes it a perfect addition to a modern home. Its spacious storage areas can be utilized for accessories such as CDs, DVDs, books, decorations and all kinds of electronic equipment. The unit offers four large display cabinets and one big TV stand.
  • Whole Unit Includes:
    • Dimensions of the whole unit: W300cm x H190cm x D45cm
    • 2 x Display Cabinets [Left-Hand Side Door]
    • 2 x Display Cabinets [Right-Hand Side Door]
    • 1 x Wall Panel with Shelves
    • 2 x TV Cabinet with Pull-Down Door
    • 1 x TV Cabinet with Drawer
  • Display Cabinet:
    • Dimensions: W40cm x H120 x D29cm
    • Glassdoor on MDF frame
    • Three Shelves [One Glass]
    • Powered LED Lighting Included - Blue Colour
  • TV Cabinet with Pull-Down Door
    • Dimensions: W100cm x H35cm x D45cm
    • MDF Pull-Down Door Front
    • Two Storage Spaces
  • TV Cabinet with Drawer:
    • Dimensions: W100cm x H35cm x D45cm
    • Two Drawers Connected by MDF Drawer Front
    • Two Storage Spaces Above The Drawer
  • Wall Panel with Shelves
    • Dimensions: W100cm x H65cm x D25cm
    • Four Storage Spaces
    • Shelf
    • Powered LED Lighting Included
  • Colour:
    • Front: Gloss
    • Carcass: Matt
  • Matching Furniture Available
  • The carcass is made from 16mm high-quality laminated board
  • Weight: 170kg
  • Estimated Direct Home Delivery Time: 6-8 Weeks 
*Fixings for wall mounting are not included as specific ones are required for your type of wall

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