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Lynx 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe With Mirror

Lynx 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe With Mirror

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Modern and sleek, the Lynx 2 door sliding wardrobe with mirror combines a high-gloss finish with bold silver detailing to make any space feel contemporary. Constructed from MDP (multiple density particleboard), this high-quality wardrobe features a sliding mirrored door plus an internal top shelf for additional bedroom storage. The top shelf can support up to 15 kg of weight and the hanging rail can support up to 10 kg. The base panel of this wardrobe can support up to 20 kg of weight.
Range Name: Lynx
Frame Construction: Screwed
Frame Material: MDP
Is Assembly Required: True
Product Warranty: 1 year
Depth (cm): 54
Hanging Rail Height (cm): 143.3
Height (cm): 196
Internal Depth (cm): 44.2
Internal Drawer Width (cm): 0
Internal Height (cm): 143.3
Internal Width (cm): 63.8
Shelf Depth (cm): 44.2
Shelf Height (cm): 33.4
Shelf Width (cm): 63.8
Width (cm): 132
Box 1 Cardboard (KG): 0.92
Box 1 Depth (cm): 47
Box 1 Gross Weight (kg): 47.4
Box 1 Height (cm): 11
Box 1 Net Weight (kg): 45.03
Box 1 Plastic (KG): 0.27
Box 1 Polystyrene (KG): 0.19
Box 1 Volume: 0.11
Box 1 Width (cm): 202.5
Box 2 Cardboard (KG): 0.96
Box 2 Depth (cm): 67
Box 2 Gross Weight (kg): 44.7
Box 2 Height (cm): 6.5
Box 2 Net Weight (kg): 42.47
Box 2 Plastic (KG): 0.28
Box 2 Polystyrene (KG): 0.3
Box 2 Volume: 0.11
Box 2 Width (cm): 186
Is it fragile?: False

Product Code: LYN2SRMBLK









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