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Zirahome BIR

Hampstead 3 + 2 Chest

Hampstead 3 + 2 Chest

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The Hampstead range boasts a classic and timeless design which will complement both traditional and contemporary décor. The Hampstead highlights the prominent grain of the wood creating a rustic homely feel. The Hampstead highlights the prominent grain of the wood creating a rustic homely feel. The range is constructed from particleboard with a paper laminated finish. Featuring three large drawers and two smaller drawers, this 3+2 chest provides a generous amount of space to store clothes, linens and accessories. Care instructions: Wipe carefully with a soft, dry cloth.
Range Name: Hampstead
Frame Construction: Screwed
Frame Material: Particle board
Is Assembly Required: True
Product Warranty: 1 Year
Depth (cm): 40
Height (cm): 95
Large Drawer Height (cm): 15.9
Small Drawer Height (cm): 15.9
Width (cm): 78
Max Weight Load (kg): 20
Small Drawer Width (cm): 29.8
Small Drawer Depth (cm): 30
Large Drawer Depth (cm): 29.2
Large Drawer Width (cm): 68.4
Box 1 Depth (cm): 46.5
Box 1 Gross Weight (kg): 25.5
Box 1 Height (cm): 15.4
Box 1 Net Weight (kg): 22.5
Box 1 Volume: 0.0761
Box 1 Width (cm): 106.3
Box 2 Depth (cm): 40.1
Box 2 Gross Weight (kg): 17
Box 2 Height (cm): 12.2
Box 2 Net Weight (kg): 14
Box 2 Volume: 0.0436
Box 2 Width (cm): 91
Is it fragile?: False

Product Code: HAMP32CHOAK









Care Instructions

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  • Use furniture polish or wax to protect and maintain the finish of your furniture. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your furniture, as they can damage the finish or the material.
  • Vacuum the surface regularly and address any spills or stains promptly with a clean, damp cloth. Consider professional cleaning services for tough stains or heavily soiled fabrics.
  • Use rain covers to protect your item from environmental elements. Ensure the item is thoroughly dry before storing.
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